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About my best friend

My best friend in the world is Kate. She was, she's, she'll always be my best friend in the world. We've been the best friends since we were children. We attended the primary school together for four years. Then kate moved away to France. I saw her for the last time three years ago. She has got short blonde hair, blue eyes, which shine as haeven. She's got small nose with little frackles. Her's natural beauty fills up her narrow mouth. She's the round face and the smooth skin with no wrinkls. Kate's short built with maybe bandy - legged feets. She's face and built as a model, but she's short. We wear equal clothes. Anyway I think of it. She likes to wear short modern jeans. Short T - shirts mainly blue, white, green , red and black. Kate loves long cotton skirts and knited sweaters as me. She likes the most trainers and high boots in winter. We love animals and we're defenders of the nature and animals. So we measure things made of animals, meat, circuses and many things which injure them. Every month we always writr to each other. If I've a problem, or she's a problem we always talk about it. Kate's very emotional girl, who loves the nature and animals very much. She's always smileing, therefore she's very kind. After the finishing the secondary school she want to study at the hight school. She want to be a vet. Kate's addicted on the chocolate and sweets. She's very good and kind family. Sometimes I'll go on holiday to France to visit her family. She was teach me diving and surfing. During the summer we were aiding in shelter, sending e - mails from club of conservationists and we were go for a walk by dogs. In her bed room she has the fullshelf of little statues, because she attends the modeling club. But then usually them saves money into shelter. Her family 's very rich and Kate's a little bit conceited and pamper. These are the things which I can't stand. Her hobbies are pets, swimming, tennis and skying. Every day she goes to a swimming pool. She can swim very, very fast. And that'sall. About Kate I can say that she's the best person in the world and space (After my family).
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