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Annual and public holidays

In Great Britain most manual workers (including shop assistants) are entitled (oprávnený) to have paid annual holidays of at least three weeks a year in addition to bank (public) holidays, i.e. New Year's Day, Good Friday, Easter Monday, The first Monday in May, The last Monday in May or the first in June, the last Monday in August or first in September, Christmas Day and Boxing Day. Professional workers (inteligencia) usually have longer holidays (a month or more). Extended (predĺľená) holidays, dependenat on length of service, are also quite common, especially in non manual sector. State schools usually have six weeks off in summer (from mid-July to the end of August), in addition to holidays during the school year (at Christmas, Easter and Whitsun (svätoduąné sviatky)). Most families spend their annual holiday vy the sea, at hotels. Other popular forms of holiday include holiday camps, caravenning and touring in a car or a coach (bus). Very few people have their summer houses to visit for holidays and weekends. About 15 million people spend their holidays abroad each year. Many of them take their cars, often with tents or caravans, others use the travel agent's services. Hitch-hiking is popular among young people.

Word study

holiday = feast, red-letter day, go on vacations, Christmas, Christmas card, Heartiest Christmas greetings and best wishes for the New Year, A Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, Wishing you every happines in the New Year, Christmas Eve (Day, cake, pudding), Santa Claus = Father Christmas, Boxing Day, decorate the tree, trinket (ozdoba), tinsel, light the candles (sviečky) and squibs (prskavky), distribute the presents, toys, pour brandy over..., customs (zvyky), sing carols (koledy), fancy-dress ball, Twelfth Night (Tri krále), St.Valentine's Day, All Fools' Day, make an April fool of somebody, play jokes on friends, Easter falls early this year, colour and paint eggs, deal (vyąiba») out with a rod, All Souls' Day

on holiday, on a trip, to spend a week by the sea, to go to the seaside, to go on the river with friends, to enjoy walks by the river, to make a trip along the coast of the sea, to hitch-hike all over the country, We were picked up mostly by lorries. We stayed overnight at hotels. Can you give me a lift? Do you want lift as far as Nitra? to camp at a camp-site, to put up the tent, rucksack, There are many motels along the road. Occasionally we go on a ride on our bicycles. We cycled all over Slovakia.


How do you usually spend your holiday? Do you take your holiday once year or in two parts? Why do most people take their holiday in summer? Which month do you thik is the most suitable for a summer holiday (winter holiday)? What is your idea of a ideal holiday? Which means of transport do you prefer when you go on holiday? Have you ever gone camping? How did you like sleeping in tents? Have you ever spent a holiday at the seaside? To how many weeks of paid holiday are the people in this country entitled? How did you spend your last holiday? What thigs (luggage) do you take with you when you go on holiday?

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