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Basic economic problem. 

Zdroj: http://vkovac.miesto.sk/referaty.htm

1.       what is the problem
2.       how to eliminate it

      Todays economy has got a lot of problems. They must be solved or eliminated , so that the economy could work streamlinely. Because the quantity of needed  tools or services is still higher and higher ,  the biggest problem of  the world-economy is a scarcity of factors of production ( they are limited ). Limited are for example : land , work , time , wood , … .

      But this problem we can not eliminate . It is because there is still the same quantity of theese things in the earth. But do not worry , there are some possibilities how to solve this problem. One of them is improving of the technology. If the technology is higher , we can better use  limited factors of production. For example: in the past , we needed for producing of something  500 quadratmeters of  the land. And today with better technology we need for the same thing only 200 quadratmeters.  …

I think that improwing of the technology is the only way how to hold out with the same factors of production in the future , when  the quantity of needed tools or services will be higher

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