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Peter Polakovič, student of 3-th form in grammar scholl of Ľudovít Štúr in Trenčín


I was born on 25 oktober 1982 in Trenčín and this town was my habitation for all my actual life.

My mother, Silvia Polakovičová, maiden name Cabalová work in House of army as a methodical worker. My father is commodore.

I have one sister, Ing. Dášu Polakovičovú, employed as a personal manager at International Computer Limited in Bratislava. 

During my study at elementary school over ending fifth form I fall ill. I had a Guillan-Barre syndrom and I was two years barraged on wheelchair. I graduate long-time sojourns in hospitals and baths. Even though I study at elementary school continuously and properly finish in 1997. For my next study I choose grammar scholl of Ľudovít Štúr in Trenčín and I´m a student of third from. Last years I fit in good place in secundary special activity in specialistic on geografic. I´m a president of a student company whitch have very good results and it is part of world educational program organized by Baťa Junior Achievement specialistic for economy.

I´m interest for music, especially play on the guitar whitch I study on the primer artistic school in Trenčín. At my hobbies I range economy especially banking system and work on personal computer.

I´m single. I speak Slovak, whitch is my mother tongue, English, speaks fluently and Russian, make understood.

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