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Czecho-Slovakia is one of the smallest countries of the world. It is situated in "the heart of Europe". Its area is about 127,900 square km. Population of Czecho-Slovakia is about 15.7 million people. There are two nations (Czech 63%, Slovak 32%) and several nationalities (Hungarian 4%, other 1%).


The first state of ancestors of the Czechs and Slovaks was "Veľkomoravská ríąa" which was disintigrated in 907. The greatest severeign of this state was Svätopluk who started to rule in 871. Czechoslovakia was created in October 30 1918 ("Martinská deklarácia"). The first president was T.G.Masaryk. Since 1968 till 1990 it has been Czechoslovak socialist republic. In 1990 it became Czech and Slovak Federal Republic.


Czecho-Slovakia is situated in the middle-east part of Europe. The capital is Prague (over 1.2 mil. inhabitants). The capital of Slovak republic is Bratislava (420,000). The other large towns are Brno, Ostrava, Plzeň, Olomouc, Ůstí nad Labem, Liberec, Hradec Králové (all over 100,000 inhabitans). Annual population growth is 0.2% and urbanization is 74.7%.

Czecho-Slovakia hasn't any seas. There are many rivers in our country. The largest and the most important are Vltava, Váh, Labe, Morava and Dunaj. The rivers of Czech-Slovakia flow into three seas. There are many lakes and ponds there. The largest pond is Roľmberk and the largest lake is Černé jazero.

The largest peak of Czecho-Slovakia is Gerlach peak in High Tatras (2655 metres above sea level). High Tatras are attractive for tourists from countries of all continents. There are other renowned mountains such as Malé Karpaty, Nízke Tatry, ©umava, Krkonoąe, Kruąné Hory etc.

Czecho-Slovakia has a temperature climate. There are pleasant summers and cold winters there.

National economy

Czecho-Slovakia is a highly developed industrial country. Industry accounts 71% of gross national product. The major industries are engineering industry, textil industry, chemical, paper, wood industries and smelting industry.

The principal agriculture area is in the east-south part of Slovakia. The main products are sugar beets, wheat, barley, potatoes, corn, rye etc. Agriculture accounts 8% of national product.

Czecho-Slovakia inports vehicles, machinery, fuels, tobacco, foodstuffs, exports machinery, vehicles, chemical, silver products, consumer goods.

Natural resources

Czecho-Slovakia possesses varied natural resources: coal, coke, timber, lignite, uranium, iron ore, lead, zinc, cooper, magnesite.

Political system

Czecho-Slovakia is a federation consisted of two republics: czech and slovak. The president is elected for two years by The Federal Parliament which consists of two Houses: Snemovňa ľudu and Snemovňa národov. There are republic parliaments too (Slovenská národná rada and Česká národní rada). There are many political parties f.e. Slovak National Party, Comunist Party... Election is every two years. The president of Czecho-Slovakia is Václav Havel since 1990.

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