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Everyday life

Juraj Bystrický

My radio starts and rings at half past seven a.m. Just then I must get up. Then I put on a jeans, T-shirt and go to the bathroom and I wash. I turn on the radio in our kitchen and I have the breakfast. At a quarter past eight I go to the bus stop. I arrive to the school at quarter to eight. Classes at school begin at eight. We have maths, history, geometry, literature, physic and other subjects. My favourite subject is school pause.

School finishes at quarter past two. Then I go to the school canteen. The lunch is disgusting every day. I have lunch at half past three and then I go home. I returned from school at three o’ clock p.m. I visit the German course. Then I have leisure time. I play the computer games. I go out at seven o’clock p.m. On Friday I go with my friends to the pub or to the gambling-house. I have dinner at nine. Then I learn about one or two hours. The teachers get to us much home works and much drawing works. I must draw at first the drawing on the scratch paper and then I retrace it on the tracing paper with the drawing ink.

I mostly go to sleep around eleven p.m., sometimes as late as midnight.

This is my everyday life when I must go to school.

When is the weekend I get up at ten o’clock a.m. I don’t go to school. Then I watch TV and I have a breakfast. I wash and then I have lunch about at two o’clock p.m. Then I go out. I play tennis or Ping-Pong. The cost of rate tennis courts is very large. I go out by bike. On Sunday I learn about two or three hours. At night I watch TV. I like watching thrillers and comedies. I dislike soap operas in Mexico or Argentine production. I go to bed at about one o’clock a.m.

When is the holiday I get up at nine o’clock. Afternoon I go to the swimming pool. I play tennis or I do anything different. Our family are going to the leave every year. Last year we were going to the island Sardinia. I like there. We was meeting with the many friends and strangers.

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