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Family relations.

Word study.

Blood-relations, relations by marriage (in-laws), brother-in-law (ąvagor), father-in-law (svokor) etc. Are you related to her ? He is a near relation of mine. She is no relation of ours. Nephew (synovec), niece (neter), aunt (teta), uncle (ujo), grandmother, grandfather, grandparents. She is an only child. They are twins. Orphan (sirota) - guardian (poručník). The child usually takes after his father or mother. Teenagers - boys and girls between thirteen and nineteen. She doesn't look of her age. My cousins are of my age. She is engaged to be married. Their daughter is married to a lawyer. How long have you been married? Whom did he marry? Their daughter. She is going to be married. Where did the wedding take place? They are divorced (rozvedený). A bachelor (starý mládenec). A spinster (stará panna).A well-bred child (dobre vychované die»a). A spoilt child (rozmaznané). The youngest child is at a nursery (je dojča). He had to retire on account of his poor health. She is pretty, good-looking, nice, pleasant, charming (okúzľujúca). He is handsome (príjemný), tall, bright (bystrý), clever (ąikovný), dull (hlúpy). They are buried in the churchyard, cemetery, in their native town. Grave, tombstone. He was cremated.


Are you married? At what age do most people get married? What do you think is the best marrying age? Do you live with your parents? Are your grandparents still alive? How old are they? How long ago did they die? Have you any brothers or sisters? How old are they? Are they married? Have you any nieces or nephews? How many members does your family consist of? Have you any children? How old are they? How many children do you think it is best to have? At what age do people retire in this country? Is it the same for men and for women? For what reason can people retire earlier? What are the most common causes of divorce? What events in a person's life are celebrated? How do you celebrate birthday in your family? How is housework organized in your family? What are your duties at home?

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