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depend on country's developement, standard of living, the way of
life, people characters
- different customs, celebrations, holidays in every country


New Year's Day, New Years Eve - at midnight-fireworks, a lot of
parties, and meetings,greetings,
wishing all the best, new year's
Valentine's Day - February 14th - sending love cards, usually
funny cards, presents, flowers
to friends and loves
Easter - colourfull eggs, drenching with water and beating with
willow canes, symbols - bunies, eggs, ribbons, chocolate
All Fools Day - April 1st - making fun of our friends
Morena - throwing Morena figurine into the water/river - as a
symbol of leaving winter
Shovertide - fašiangy, carnevals
Errecting Maypole - to the center of the town or in front of the
house, where young girl lives
- is a present from boys, symbol their love
- they get alcohol and doughnuts
Magic Night - on the 24th June - making fires on the top of hills
Christmas - cutting apples, putting comdels in nutshels,
christmas trees, presents, special food, cakes

- special traditions-welcoming with bread and salt - hospitality
-in Spring-making wooden pipes
-carve(vyrezavať) shepherd's fife(fujara)
- thw way of life - shaking hand
- playing football, ice-hockey, volleyball
- young people go out on Frinday evening - to
the disco parties
- drinking a lot of alcohol
- eating habits - meal is with a lot of fat,
not very healty kitchen, do
no eating of vegetables and

Different holidays not celebrated in Slovakia

St.Patric's Day - celebrated on March 17
- orriginaly from Ireland / he was patron of
- people go to parade, wear something green and
they get together to party and sing Irish songs
- in restaurant is served green beer and Irish
Mother's Day- the second Sunday of May
Father's Day- June 18

Independence Day - July 4th
- celebration(in America) of independence from
- this date is written also on the book which is
held by Statue of Liberty in New York
Halloween - October 31th
- funny expecially for children
- they wear special costumes, go from house to house,
sing and receive some sweets, chocolate
- is a celebration of all witches, ghosts, skeletons..
- masks from pumpkins - empty with wholes for eyes and
mouth with light inside
Guy Fawkers Day - November 5th, in the history when G.F. was
promised to kill King James I and open the
Parliament, was executed
- now - bonfires, Greworks, rochet, a lot of
noise, burning the figure of Guy Fawker
Thanksgiving Day - celebrated on the fourth Thursday in November
- thanking to the Indians who helped Pilgrims to
survive in very dangerous conditions after
their coming to the America from England
- popcorn or corn with turkey is eaten

THE BRITISH, their habits and traditions

- are known for thier stickins to traditions, specific sense of
- they are not seem to be in a hurry, are seldom nervous
- it do not mean that all the British are the same
1) British breakfast - lighter
2) Woman - do not stay at home and work in their houshold but
they have their occupation
3) they like pets
4) Are interested in sport-rugby,footbal,dog race,golf,tennis
5) like spend the holiday at the countryside, picnick
6) teatime - have party or go to tearooms
7) in typical English family several generations live
together-nowdays only parents and depended children live in
the same house, when the young people are married they buy
their own flat, husband and wife share the housework and
responsibility for the household
8) the children, who leave the school at 16 and get a first job
are independent. They spend the money on records, clothes,
- also children, who stay at school until the age of 18 take a
job in a shop or baby-sitting
- Saturday night is time for going out to parties or to disco

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