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Health and diseases

Word study

To be well (ill), to look fit, to feel well (unwell), to be in good (poor) health. His health is excellent. He is ill. She was sick during the flight. He is a sick man.

You should take care of your health. He is down (laid up) with flu. She has not recovered from her illness. He is absent owing to sickness. Is his illness serious?

Slight ailments: to have a headache, a cold, indigestion. I have a pain in the stomach. I caught a cold. I have a bad cold. I have indigestion. I must have eaten something that disagreed with me. High blood pressure, heart diseases, heard failure, heard attack, cancer.

We must call (send) for a doctor. You should see a doctor. You should consult a specialist. How often do you go to your dentist. Medical treatment, waiting-room, consulting-room, surgery hours are from seven to one. The doctor examined the patient. He took his temperature, felt his pulse and wrote out a prescription. You must stay in bad for a few days and keep warm. I am going to lie down, I feel unwell. I must get medicine at chemist's.

I have cut my finger. Have you some adhesive tape? I have made an appointment with my dentist. I have to get a tooth stopped (filled). He was badly hurt (injured) in a road accident. He broke his leg when skiing. The injured man was given first sit and taken to hospital. What did your grandfather die off ? She had nervous break-down. HE was born deaf and blind. I had to undergo an operation. There is something wrong with my arm. I must have it X-rayed.

Hospital, hospital staff, clinic, maternity home. She is on maternity leave. Medical care is free of charge. Ministry of health, health insurance; occupational diseases. Prevention is better. then cure.

Tonsilities, diabetes, flu(influenza), anaemie, kidney stones, stroke, smallpox, concussion (of the brain), mumps, cancer, rheumatism, scarlet fever, heart attack, heart failure, TB=tuberculosis, sunstroke, rash, bronchitis, inflammation of the middle ear, pneumonia, appendicitis, malignant tumor, fracture, jaundice, bilious attack.


Is all medical care free of charge? Are your parents in good health? Do you often have headaches? What do you do about the headaches? Are you often laid up with flu or a cold? How do you cure it? At what time of the year does a flu epidemic usually brake out? Do you ever suffer from indigestion? What kind of food disagrees with you? Do you fall asleep the moment you put out the light? Does it sometimes happen to you that you can't sleep? What are the consulting hours in your health centre? How often do you see your dentist? What do you do when you have a sore throat? Do you often have a cough? Have you ever suffered an injury during any sports activities? What diseases have you had? What is the normal blood pressure? What is the normal temperature of human body? How are defects of eyesight (hearing) compensated for? When did you have your lungs X-rayed? What are the most frequent causes of death? How long do people live in average? Is life expectancy the same for men and women? Can you name a scientist who devoted his life to fighting diseases?

What are the most common disease nowadays? What is the best cure for flu? What common ailments do children have? What diseases did you have as a child, as a teenager? what diseases do you consider very serious nowadays? What diseases must be treated in hospital?

What illness can be catch very easily? What diseases do old people suffer from? Which illness is accompanied by a headache and sore treat? What diseases are accompanied by high fever? What diseases are infectious? What diseases may be prevented by vaccination? What are the most common causes of death? What diseases are no problem nowadays?

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