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Because we have in the shcool physical education it is few and other subjetcs besides Math and languages are not my popular. After School I do something which takes not much Energy, for example: I read books, programming or make some graphics pictures on my personal computer, watch television or video. After this things I go out to fresh air where I walk just in the park with friends or when the weather is fine I play some games. Every day I go to our school to fitness centrum. Where I am one or one and halb hour where I do bodybuilding. On weekends I go sometimes to cinema or on Discos. On the evening I learn to school which takes over one or two hours (:-)))). Sometimes i go to our garden or our cottage. A lot of times take my Computer because in need this knowledge in my future career. If I am ill or I am at home I always listen to the music or play on my gitair.

One bad things in Bratislava is that there is nothing to do.

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