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Hotel, post office, using phone.


On Monday afternoon I arrived in Liverpool and went by taxi to the Palace Hotel. I asked the receptionist whether I could have a single room. I had booked it by phone in the name of Mr.Lewis. The receptionist looked up my reservation and gave me the key. My room was on the second floor, overlooking a park. First I unpacked my suitcase. I took out my pyjamas, slippers, socks, a pair of black shoes, a toothbrush and toothpaste. I was glad I had not left my glasses. This sometimes happens to me. I rang for the chambermaid and asked her to press my trousers. She promised that she would see to it at once. Then I went into the bathroom. Clean towels, soap and a glass had already prepared there. I had a hot shower and a shave, and quickly changed into my dark suit. I looked at my watch. It was nearly eight o'clock and I had made an appointment for eight at restaurant in the city with Bob Lengston, a former colleague of mine. I had to hurry up because I didn't want to keep him waiting too long.

Word study

guest, single and double room, book in advance (rezervova»), fill in a form, passport, home address, stay overnight, bedroom, upstairs, lift, luggage, suitcase, bill, accommodation, hotel, youth-hostel (internát), Breakfast is usually included in the price of bed. (bed and breakfast), We stayed (put up, stopped) at a hotel. Can you put me up for the night? Where can I find accommodation at a moderate price? coffee-house, tea-room, pub, inn, tea-shop, canteen, snack-bar, I have an appointment for lunch at Ocean Hotel with a friend. I feel like a snack. I'm rather thirsty. sit at the table, menu, drink, We were served in a very short time.

Registration card : surname, name, date of birth, place of birth, nationality, profession, home address, passport number, date, signature


How do you reserve a room at a hotel? What does the price for a night at a good hotel usually include? What information must be put down on a hotel registration form? What services do hotels provide for their guests? What must you do if you can't keep a reservation? If you went for a hike, where would you put up: at a hotel, or a youth-hostel? What information would you give the hotel manager if you were booking room by wire? Is the identity card required when one wants to register at a hotel? Why are guests asked to leave their keys at reception desk when they go out? What services do hotels offer besides accommodation? How much does one pay for a room at a hotel for one night?


Word study

Note-paper, envelope, stamp, Shell I send this letter registered (doporučene)? The letter was sent to wrong address. A letter should contain the sender's address. Express delivery. To send a letter by air-mail. A letter-box (in U.S. - mailbox) is a box in which letters are posted. When is the last collection? A small packet can be sent either by letter post or by parcel post. Shall I insure (poisti») the parcel against loss? G.P.O - General Post Office. The upper (lower) right-hand (left-hand) corner of the parcel cover. Telegrams may be dictated from a telephone kiosk (call-box). The number is engaged. (in U.S. - the line is busy) To answer the telephone. You've got a wrong number. To pick up the receiver, dial the number and listen for the dialling tone. Watch for the pay-tone and then put coins into the slot. I'll call you up. Will you ring me up? I'll phone her. I'll give her a ring. May I make a call from here? May I use your phone? I must consult the consult the telephone directory, I don't remember the number. Local call, trunk-call, long-distance call, We were cut off (preruąení). Don't hang up. Hold a line for a minute or so.


When did you last go to the post office? What was your business there? How often do you write letters? Do you write sometimes letters in English? How often on the average do you receive a letter? What letters do you provide with your own address on the back of the envelope? What is postage rate for letters, postcards, letters abroad? Are you on the phone? What is your telephone number? How many calls do you make per week as rule? Can one make a trunk-call from a call-box in this country? Ask the student if you may use his phone?

How to make a call

1. Have money ready - 2p, 10p or 50p

2. Pick up the handset and listen for a dial tone.

3. Dial the number or code and number, you want to call.

4. Listen for ringing tone. When the call is answered, the tone will change to rapid pips - immediately insert the coin into appropriate slot and speak. For international calls it is advisable to insert at least 10p initially.

5. At the end of your call replace the handset.

Operator service (informácie) - 100

Emergency service (záchranka) - 999

Fire, police, ambulance - these calls are free

London - numbers starts with 01 - all-figure

Manchaster - 061


Telegrams may be dictated from a telephone that takes coins, they are also accepted at most post offices and it may be possible to hand them in at some hotels. In last two cases telegrams must be written on the special forms.

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