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I'd like to speak about my
favourite topic - computers

The wonders of the Ancient World were all buildings and
statues. But our modern wonders are surely technical and
scientific achievements.
One of the most popular technical achievement is computer.
We know that computers have already revolutionized the way how we
live and work. They help us to work faster and more effectively,
but we have to know how computer works and also some facts about
program which we need. Also this text was written in text editor
on computer because I write faster on computer and it's better to
Computers, which we use at school, home and in office, are PC.
PC means Personal Computers and their speed is much higher than
for example super science computers in 1980's. On PC we can write
text,paint pictures,play games and do other activities.I must say
something about the main part of computers because it's very good
achievement. Procesor has four square centimeters and includes 8
million transistors. We learned on Physics about trasistors which
have 1 square centimeters. Procesor is fantastic achievement.
When we save our data,it can be our text,picture or music, we
often use three and a half inches diskette. A lot of programs and
data are saved on CD.It's the same CD which we use for music.This
CD has one disadvantage. When we record our data and programs on
CD we don't delete or save others.
I'm interested in music and often compose music with my
computer. It can play orchestral songs, country music, rock music
or dance music and film themes. Also computer can speak English or
I would like to say something about Internet.I think Internet is
a big achievement because people from different parts of the
world can communicate with each other and they can write
letters, learn a lot of facts about every country in the world
and about things which are interesting for them.
When we want to send a letter we have to use service which name
is e-mail. We can send a letter to everybody in the world.
When we need some file with text, program, picture or music we
can use service - FTP - File Tranfver Protocol. Then we can this
files save on our diskette or print on printer.
At the present time W.W.W.World Wibe Web is service which is the
youngest. W.W.W. is system which transfers texts, pictures and
video. We can watch music clips of world groups or new world news.
Disadvantages - computers aren't only used for work but also
for playing games, more and more children are addicted to them,
they set only in front of the computer, they don't talk with their
parents about their problems
- there is a lot of violence in many computer games - children are
violent too
- it is bad for eyes

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