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Ideal day

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1. morning
2. traveling
3. evening

Due today no of days I live was ideal. So I would be very happy if I could survive the day I will describe. In the morning , when I would wake up , one of my nice servants would make me my breakfast  Than I could visit my privat fitnessclub ar I  could play golf.

In the afternoon , my driver Henry would take me to the airport. There would wait my airplain for me. Johny , the pilot would offer me a glass of champagne or some cigar. Than he would singe my cigar and we could start our flight. After few hours  of the flight , we would land  in New York. I would have my business there.

In the evening , when I would earn enough money in New York, I would go back to Bahamas , where  could I live. At midnight , I would have a meeting with my friends in some very good club. We would speak about business , girls or about something else. And , of corse between  this we would drink old  cognack and smoke quality Cuba  cigars.

Robert Kováč , 4.E

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