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Jobs and proffessions

Jobs - manual / non manual
outside / inside
shift work / non-shift work (smeny)
well-paid / not well-paid
difficult / easy
for men / for women
dangerous / safe
individual / work in a team, group
enployer / unenployer

Qualifications: education, experience, languages, typewritting, driving licence etc.

Word study: teacher, doctor, engineer, bricklayer, nurse, driver, shop-assistant, lawyer, actre, actress, clark, waitre, waitress, butcher, baker, glover, bus-driver, hair-dresser, taylor, fireman, librarian, policeman, pilot, flight attendent, saylor, hunter, fisher, porter, postman (mail), soldier, manager, psychologist, painter, singer, architect, computer-programmer etc.

director (menovany)
president (zvoleny)
head-master (riaditel v skole)
Major (starosta)

Where, when, what does he (she) actually do?
How many days a week?
Whether he (she) needs any instruments or tool?
What salary and how often?
Holiday: When, how long?

of a working place
of a people (team) he (she) works with

Your future job:
some ideas about it
what you think about it
what do you like/dislike about it

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