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Horný Šianec 11
Trenčín  911 01
25 september 1998

Dear  Maria

I´m very happy that we are going to be penfriends. I´ll tell you little about me my hobbys, whitch school I visit every day atd.

At first I live in Trenčín in a block of flats. It is a little housing development near a centre of this town. Trenčín has about 60 thousand inhabitantions and great history. I´m going to write about my  town at my next letter. Trančín is in Slovakia a little country in the Central Europe.

You are from Australia from Sydney, please write me about this city and country.

What about people in this country? I think that is a very good economic, but you will write me this thing.

At first I go to the grammar-school every day to the second class. We have good society and very good teachers. At second I go every week to the English school in this grammar-school.

I must write letter for teacher there and much of homeworks will be me destroys.

But I have a good stamina. At the moment I don´t must work very hard, becouse is Thuersday and the Friday is very easy.

My hobbyes are ecomics, politics (we have now elections), play on the guitar, nice girls atd...

I don´t like any subject, but I respects everything. I must.

I will wait for your letter or e-mail.

Bye and many greeting for your family or pets, when you have a some.

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