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Life in the future.

- the world is controled centrally following a nine year war between the super powers which led to economic collapse.
- there is total social stability
- world population is about two thousand million
- English is the only language, all others are dead
- there is no religion
- history and literature are censored
- everyone is happy
- babies are born in test-tubes - and by careful use of chemicals and conditioning. Babies are taught in their sleep. People are designed to perform certain function in life. There are five classes of people.
- there is no illnossor disease
- there is also no emotion or privacy
- everyone looks young until they are 60, when they are sent to the hospital to die

- entertainment - people goes to the feelies, where they not only see pictures, but also feel and smell. There is no love or marriage and sex is an important form of entertainment.

- economy - everybody works seven and half hours, not because it is necessary (they have technology to alove no one to work), but people like their work and would otherwise have too much free time. It is a consumer society.

- travelling - the better classes travel everywhere by helicopter and go on weekend holidays to the other side of the world. Rockets can go from London to America in 6 hours, travelling 1250 km/h.

What ideas form these - have already come true?

- will come true soon?
- might come true sometime?
- couldn't possibly come true ever?

- porovnat so svojim nazorom

Nazor co bude v roku 2010.

- my family life
- my job
- description of me
- how I spend my free time

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