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Liptov region

It is situated in the north of Slovakia, on the right side of
river V h. It's surrounded by the mountains - Choč mountains,Veľk
Fatra, Low and West Tatras. It's the cultural and tourist centre.
In Liptov you find so much beauty on a small piece of land as in
no place in Slovakia. The centre of Liptov region is Liptovský
Mikul š.


In 7th and 8th century Slavonic tribes came in here. Alone town
was founded in 1286. In the 13th century foundations of
St.Nicolaus' church were built. In town output of wood, crafts and
business were dilated. L.Mikul š was an important town of cultural
and national life.
Juraj J nošík - highwayman, folk hero was in prison here in
manor - house Vranovo and he was also executed here in 1713.
In 19th century when Slovaks fought for their rights against
Hungarian L.Mikul š was centre of national life.In 1844 literally
union TATRÍN was founded here and M.M.Hodža was meeting here with
Ľudovít Štúr and Michal Miloslav Hurban.
Lots of important persons lived and worked in Liptov region:
Juraj Tranovský - author of book Cithara Sanctorum
Gašpar Fejerpataky Belopotocký - founder of library and theatre
in Slovakia
Janko Kr ľ - the most revolutionary poet
Aurel Stodola - inventor
M.M.Hodža - important person for Slovakia in 19th century
J n Levoslav Bella - musical composer
Peter Michal Bohúň and Janko Alexy - artists
Martin R zus and M ria R zusov Mart kov - writers


In the present time Liptovský Mikul š is the town with 34 000
inhabitants. In the town there is leather, textile and furniture
. And it's mainly important centre of tourism. In the
centre of town there are lots of markets, restaurants, also
typical Slovak restaurants, snack bars, pubs, disco clubs and
If you look for sport - visit swimming-pool, fitness centres,
winter stadium or other pride of town - Water Slalom centre where
Atlanta gold-medal winner - Michal Martik n grew up.


In half an hour you can get from L.Mikul š to the beautiful
surrounding mountains.


They're a part of High Tatras and Tatras National park. They're
mighty, wild mountains with forests, meadows and bare rocky
summits. Also you can visit sheep-farms there. There is situated
the highest hill of Liptov - Bystr (2249m). The well-known
valleys are Žiarska, Račkova, Jamnick and Bobroveck .


The Low Tatras is the mountains with the largest extent in
Slovakia. The main ridge is 80 km long. It's created with grass
area only the highest hills - Ďumbier (2043m) and Chopok (2024m)
are created rocky relief. There are skiing centres with virginal
romantic nature. The well-known place is Demänovsk valley.
Low Tatras and Demänovsk valley are also well-known
underground caves which origined activity of river Demänovka.
There are 31 caves but only two are open for public.
Demänovsk cave of freedom - is a jewel of Slovak caves. It has
five floors and 7 km long.
Demänovsk ice-cave - It is also called Dragen's. It's one of
the oldest caves in Europe. It has beautiful ice-decoration.


They have rich and very motley vegetation. The highest hill is
Choč (1611m). It has very nice view. The tourists like visiting
Prosiecka and Kvačianska valleys which are one of the nicest and
the most valuable in Slovakia.


The mountains are exceptional - long nice valleys, grass and
rocky ridge, rich vegetation and animals.


The most well-known, the best ski centre in Slovakia is in
Demänovsk valley in the Low Tatras. You can ski there from the
beginning of winter until the end of April. There are good skiing
tracks with ski-lifts in lovely white nature. There are tracks
for beginners and for professional skiers, too. Other ski-centres
in the Low Tatras are Čertovica, Z važn Poruba and L.J n.
Malino Brdo
is the most well-known ski centre in the Veľk


Liptovsk Mara - dam which origined in years 1967-75 on the
river V h when it flooded 13 villages.
The camp in Liptovský Trnovec is open for public. There are
places for tents, beach, snack-bars, lending of boat, places for
children, volleyball and minigolf. You can visit on a boat Liptov
or try water skiing, windsurfing. Fishermen will be also
In Liptov region you can admire the richess of folk
architecture, folk costumes and crafts
On sheep-farms and villages there are still the old traditional
ways of making sheep cheese, butter and dairy products. In some
villages you can also see women in typical folk costumes. You
can admire folk architecture in Vlkolinec or in museum of Liptov
village in Pribilina
. World famous folk festival takes place
every year in July in Východn .

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