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Me and my life

I was born on the 10th of November, 1978 here - in Liptovský
Mikul š. I've been living with my parents since my birth. That's
why I would like to speak a little bit about my parents. Well,
mother is a lawyer. And father is a teacher. He teaches at
Construkcion school in Liptovský Mikul š especially mechanical
technologies. I have one younger brother. His name is Martin and
he is 4 years old. Sometimes we don't like each other. Maybe
there is a big difference in our ages but we really love each
Now some facts about my education.
My first teachers were (of course) my parents and grand parents,
too. They tought me to speak, to go and to sing, but I was a bad
singer. And it was the same in the kindergarten. I was very, very
spoil child, because I was alone. I had everything what I wanted.
In 1985 I began to attend a basic school in Gymn zium in
Liptovský Mikul š. I was a good pupil. In fifth class I was given
into class with more education of maths and science subjects. It
was a basic-school in Čsl.brig dy street.
I had to take an exam to get to secondary grammar school. The
beginning was terrible. I didn't like this school much. I
didn't understand the professors much and it was difficult also
for me to change my system of school-preparation. But I learned
everything. I want to continue with my study. I'm interested in
Math and Physics and also in Computers.That's why I have choosen
mathematics and physics seminar. I think they will help me to get
to university.
My daily program : I usually get up at 6 o'clock. My father
comes in my room and he says:"John, get up it's six o'clock."
Well this is my alarm clock. I have breakfast which my father and
I prepare. For breakfast I have a cup of tea, bread and butter
and marmalade or honey, sometimes ham. In the morning I wash,
my face, brush my teeth and dress and do the same activities like
a lot of students. I go to the school at 7.45. I live near my
school so it takes me only about 5 minutes to get there. Usually
I have six or seven lessons. Most of the lessons are boring and
hard for me and that is why I like breaks very much. I have
lunch at our school canteen. And about 2 o'clock I go home and I
have a rest and then I do my homework. I must prepare for tomorrow
lessons. When I'm finished, I'm free. I devote to my hobbies -
playing the piano and work with the computer. At 6pm I eat with my
parents and brother. Also we discuss the day. If I have enough time
I listen to the radio or watch the television. But in the last time
I use to be very tired. I go to bed at 10 pm. Before falling asleep
I think over what I will do next day.


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