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My best friend

My best friend


My best friend is called Michal. He is sixteen years old. We met nine years ago at school. We sat at the same desk. We were together every day until we left primary school. Then I went to Business academy in Považská Bystrica and he went to grammar-school. At school he hated biology and maths, but he likes chemistry and physics. Now we meet only at weekend. When we are together, we play basketball, football, tennis or we learn a computer programme. We often go out with my other friends.

He is the best friend, I’ve ever had.




Love story


Jack and Jane met in a pub. Jack invited her for a drink. Jane said “Yes”. Then he invited her to a cinema. They knew, that they fell in love. They were going out every night, becouse, when they were together, they felt fine. Jack was very romantic. One year ago they got married and they have two children.

And they are still alive, if they didn’t die.

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