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Our family lives in Prague, in the block of flats. My father s name is Jiri and he is 55 years old. He works as a stock manager. He is rather stout and has a short black hair. He is keen of cars and is and excellent driver. He really likes nature a lot and he is watching almost all nature documents at TV. He likes travelling as well. He also likes crosswords.

My mother s name is Ivana and she is 52 years old. She works as a clerk. She has short curly brown hair. My mother likes travelling as well as my father and therefore we go every year abroad. She likes also knitting, she knits sweaters for my niece.

I have also a sister, her name is Marta and she is 28 years old. She is already married and she has a nice daughter named Veronika. Veronika is 6 years old and next year she will starts a school attendance. She is looking forward going to school. My sister works in kindergarten and so she is all the time with her daughter. Her husband works as a carpenter.

As I said above we live in block of flats. Our flat has three rooms, a hall, WC, bathroom and kitchen. In our living-room we have a sofa, two armchairs, a little table and hall-stand with lot of books and glass miniatures. Opposite the sofa there is a shelf with TV set, a stereo and our cassette and CD collections. Near the window he have a fishtank with many coloured fish. Whole room is full of flowers in flowerpots. The room is decorated with 2 pictures.

In the kitchen we have a cooker, a microwave oven, a sink, big refrigerator with a ice-box. As well we have in kitchen many plants. In dinning-recess which is also in the kitchen we have large table with two chairs and a bench.

My room is not very large but I think it is enough for me. I have there a bed, wardrobe, a large table with a chair and one small bookcase. In my room I have many plants as well as in whole flat. I have a pet, a small hamster. The walls are only decorated with the calendar of Salvador Dali, because I really like his pictures.

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