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My christmas holiday

My Christmas holiday


Before holidays begins I got a lot of plans for it,but when their comes I doesn't known what to do. I like christmas for only two things. I needn't go to school. I can sleep to a 9 o'clock. In our family Christmas are the most famous feast of the year. However, I don't like Christmas. People are nervous and bored. At Christmas Eve we don't eat so much. The main meal is served in the evening. We have cabbage soup and fish every year. I don't know why. At the morning of this day we decorate christmas tree with bells, sweets, colour balls etc. After the dinner we go to Christmas tree. We unpacking presents and watching TV. It is a time, when all the family is along. I, my sister, my parents and dog. This year Christmas Eve was different. I was defraud by Eurotel free call action. I cauldn't wish mary Christmass to my friends. I don't like Slovak Tecom and Eurotel for their marketing. Christmas day was absolutely normal. Second Christmas day I celebrated. So, during holidays I went ski. I was sledging with my friends on Hrebienok too. Other days I worked with computer and watching TV. At last day of holiday I learn. How speed the holidays begins thei speed ends.

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