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Each of my days is full work and duties, therefore I am always busy and short of time.

On work days I get up at 6 o clock because my lessons starts at half past seven. Only at Wednesday at get one hour later because we have a lessons from 8:20. This early getting up is a big problem for me cause I like to sleep late. After waking up I stay few minutes in bed to rouse myself. Then I do my hygiene routine. After that I decide what to wear and I put on my clothes. At half past six I must leave the house because I commute to school by bus. The bus is usually late and is crowded to the top. Then I take the underground which is relatively faster but here is also many people and it gets me sometimes angry.

After my lessons I usually don t go home immediately. We go with my friends to cafe or just walking around the city. Sometimes we do some shopping.

When coming home first I switch on the TV on my favorite music channel MTV or I watch a music program S.O.S. on TV Prima. I do not watch the afternoons soap operas such The Days of Our Lives or Young and Restless and so on. When watching TV I have my lunch and dinner together because I do not eat after six o clock. After my lunch I study a little or go visit my friends. I study mainly in the evening, this is my main activity time.

Sometimes, mostly on Friday or at weekend I go with my friends to the clubs or to visit some good concert or just to the cinema see some good movie.

Nowadays I don t have much time for my hobbies. I like almost every kind of sport, I also like reading and I can say that I can find a while for a good book everytime. My favorite author is Stephen King with his thrillers. I really love his books because I love to be scared. I like also another American writer John Grisham with his law-thrillers such as The Firm or Pelican Brief. I like good music, it means for me classic rock but also new rock projects. I like also brit-pop, which roots are in the Beatles music. I like travelling but not only abroad and so that in July we go with my friend on a trip only with our bicycles and with a tent.

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