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My daily routine.

I wake up at six o clock every mornings It is all the same. The alarm beginsring, I try to unseal eyes and turn it off. I get up very hard from the bedand point to the bathroom. I reject the exercises at morning. It is the wasteof time. As soon as, I wash up, I go again to the room to dress up . I have todo the unpleasant case . Wake up my brother. It is a very , but very one-wayticket , because my brother like sleeping. The breakfast is my main food ofthe day. Therefore the preparation is very long . After the deep breakfastthe television comes . The morning news never slip away me . And the romancetoo . I go to the scholl usually at 8.30. The teaching begins at 8 . I have tolabour it. I arrive from school at 13.30. The journal and the lunch continue.I read journal every day. There are also TV serials, which I have to watch inevery case , e.g STAR TREK. It is already 17.00. The fun finished, I have tostudy, already again. The studying takes approximately 2 hours and half . Justmuch, in order to watch MASH 4077. I go to the bed generally at 10.00, but ifthere is nothing in TV so at 8.00 too

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