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My dream town

There are so many beautiful places and towns in the world. We
can see some of them but we don't have a chance to visit all of
them. So lot of people watch documentary films about these
countries or read some books. They are interested more in those
countries they can't see. My home town is very interesting but I
would like to speak about London because it's more attractive for
me. Sometimes in the future I would like to visit it.
London, the capital of England and of Great Britain, is an
exciting city. It's a city of traditions, historic buildings,
monuments, theatres, parks and interesting museums. About 9
million people live in London and its suburbs. The river Thames
flows from west to east and divides London into two parts. London
is also a big industrial city producing clothing, food, drinks
and many specialized goods.
Central London consists of three main areas. The City is the
oldest with the Tower on the north bank of the river Thames and
Tower Bridge.
In the past the Tower used to be a fortress, a royal palace and a
prison. Many famous people in English history were imprisoned and
put to death there. Now the Tower is a museum of arms. It's also
the place where the crown jewels are kept.
The guards of the Tower are called Bufeaters. It is said that
in the past they ate a lot of beef while people in England were
starving. Even now they live in small houses in the Tower with
their families and they look after the Tower.
Tower Bridge is near the Tower of London in the City. It is the
most interesting bridge across the Thames, because it opens in
the middle to let large ships pass by and down the river.
Visitors to London can go inside its towers, where there is a
About 20 minutes' walk from the Tower there is another
historical building, St.Paul's Cathedral, the greatest of England
churches. It's one of the famous sights of the City of London. It
is large and it was built between 1675 and 1710. The cathedral is
the work of a well-known English architect Sir Christopher Wren,
who planned it. The original old St.Paul's was destroyed by the
Great Fire of London in 1666.
Prince Charles and Lady Diana were married in St.Paul's in
1983. This wedding was called "the fayritale wedding of the
Willington, Nelson and other great men of England are burried
The second area is Westminster with its Royal Palaces and
Government offices. Westminster Abbey is the centre of this area.
It has been the coronation church of almost all English kings and
most of them are buried there . There is also Poet's Corner, the
burial place of many famous English poets. Close by Westminster
Abbey stands the Palace of Westminster known as the Houses of
. The Houses of Parliament are seat of the British
Parliament. The Parliamentary session begins in November. During
the time Parliament is in session a flag flies at the top of the
Big Ben tower.

Another place of interest for visitors to London is Buckigham
, the London residence of the British royal family. Every
day at 11:30 the Queen's Gard in full dress uniform perform the
ceremony of changing the Guard at Buckingham Palace. Their
uniforms are very attractive. It was built in 1703. It's two
places, not one. It's a family house, where children play and
grow up. It's also the place where presidents, kings and
politicians go to meet the Queen. Buckingham Palace is like a
small town, with a police station, two post offices, a hospital,
a bar, two sports clubs, a disco, a cinema and a swimming pool.
there are 600 rooms and three miles of red carpet.
The residence of the British Prime Minister can be founded at 10
Downing Street. It's the place where the meetings of the Cabinet
are held.
The third area of central London is the West End, famous for
shops and entertainment. There are such well-known streets as
Picadilly, Regent's Street, Carnaly Street and Oxforrd Street
there. In the West End we can find most of London's theatres,
cinemas and nightclubs.
Piccadily Circus is very famous square in the heart of London.
In the middle of Piccadilly there is a statue of Eros- the God of
One of the most interesting streets of London, where especially
young people like to wander, is Carnaly street. It's full of
shops offering the latest fashion. So visitors to London have
the change to buy things at sale price.
In the centre of the West End, there is Chinatown marked by
beautiful chinest gateways. London's Chinatown is attractive
place for tourists who like to taste traditional cheap chinese
food in its typical restaurants.
Trafalgar Square is named after admiral Horatio Nelson who
difeated the French and Spanish fleets in 1805. Nelson was killed
in the battle. The square commemorates this victory. There is
Nelson's Column in the middle.
On the northern side of Trafalgar Square there is the National
built in the classic style. Just behind the National
Gallery there is the National Portrait Gallery in which portraits
of british monarchs can be seen. The Tate Gallery is another big
gallery containing modern art. The visitors can visit Madam
Tussand's museum
every year.
Big Ben is named after Sir Benjamin Hall, one of the minister
in the middle of the last century. The clock's history is an epic
of disastres. In 1859 the clock went into operation.
London has a large number of parks. In Regent's park there are
the ZOO, the Open-Air Theatre and two lakes. The visitor of
London is never far away from a park. London's park's play a very
important role in helping to form the city's character.
In London we can see double decker buses. They are one of the
best loved of London.

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