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My family

Juraj Bystrický 

The head of the family is my father. His name is Juraj Bystrický. He was born in Trenčín. For four years he visited the Building High School in Trenčín, passed his graduation examinations and was accepted at the Slovak Technical University in Bratislava in Building Faculty. He acquired the title Ing. and Auditor of static. Now he work in him company of authorised engineers. My father very like sleeping and watching TV in his free time . My father play table games: table tennis and chess. If the weather is good he plays tennis. He dislikes work in the garden.

My mother’s name is Vlasta Bystrická, maiden name Kajabová.   

She was born in Trenčín where she studied at the Academy of Commerce. She met my father in Bratislava. Now she works as a accountant in an Environmental company. My mother have one very great hobby - drawing but she has not time to do it. Before she go to the bed she likes reading a love-stories. She likes watching TV. Her favourite program is “Melrose place” and programs about fashion.

My brother Mike is eleven years old. He visit the elementary school near our home. He likes playing the computer games, playing football and cycling with bike. He likes watching TV . He dislike working around the house.

My name is Juraj Bystrický. I was born in Trenčín in 1983. I study in the Building High School second class. I like playing the tennis but it is very expensive sport in our country.

I’m interesting for music, lightly play on the keyboard. I like working with computers.

I speak Slovak, which is my mother tongue, English, speaks only second year and German, learn sixth year.

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