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My hobby

Juraj Bystrický

My name is Juraj Bystrický. I was born in Trenčín in 1983. I study on the Building High School second class. Among my hobbies belong Tennis, books, music, programming and computer games.

Tennis is mostly an open air game but tennis is played in the hall too. Two or four players usually play this game in many different surfaces. Millions people in the world play tennis because it is very interesting game but it is very hard for condition most for legs. Tennis is most popularly in managers, bankers and politicians groups.

When you go play tennis, at first you must have tennis-racket and ball. The destination is win 2 or 3 matches. For acquirement the match we must win 6 games in the match.

Tennis is expensive sport in our country. The cost for borrow the court is 100 crows per hour. And the racket isnt very cheap too. My favourite players are Anna Kurnikovová and Karol Kučera.

In my leisure time I like reading the books. My favourite writer is the popular world author of the literature fact: Erich von Däniken. His books are always calling the discussion over all the world. In his book he brings facts and indication for confirmation your theory. He believe that the aliens are the builders and creators of human intelligence. Aliens were visiting our Earth in prehistoric period. The alien’s visitations are take down in the religion’s and mythology’s books.

I’m interesting for music, lightly play on the keyboard because I’m self educated person for this. My great hobby are the computer games and programming. I’m self educated in programming too but I’m so good in this skill.

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