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My home

Juraj Bystrický

Our family live in a block of flats. It is situated in the centre of a city housing development.

A many Slovak families don’t own their houses and flats in which they live. In order to buy a house a family in Slovakia need all money. We live in second floor in a three-room apartment. We have a small hall, the kitchen, the child-room, the bedroom, the living room the lavatory, the bathroom, the larder, the cellar and the garage. Our family consists of four members. My brother and myself use to live together in one room.

On the right side of the door in the hall stand the hat and shoe cabinet. On the left a corridor leads to the kitchen. There are cabinets with dinner sets, a sink for washing dishes and a plate rack. I want to buy the dishwashing machine but I dislike washing-up the dishes.  There are also fridge and freezer. The walls are clean white. On the walls are hung decorated pictures of landscape.

From the hall on the right is my parents’ bedroom. There a big double bed on the centre of room. The whole room is of a clean white colour. The cabinets, bed and bedside tables are white. There are a make-up table too.

On the left from the hall is the bathroom and our lavatory. From the hall a corridor leads to the living room. At the floating parquets are one couch, the loveseat and one armchairs. In front of the couch stands an table. Opposite the couch on the cabinet there is a colour TV, video and the Hi-fi surround sound system. On the wall hang pictures with natural scenery. The wall are painted white. On the right in the living room is the dining room. Our dinning room is very small. There are only one oval dining table, the dining chair and one desk.

On the right from the living room is the child room. Two beds stand on the right of our room. On the right of child room are cabinets. In front of the door under the window is the big table. On the table is the computer, printer and stereo radio.

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