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When I was a child I had never thought about my future career. Every girl in kindergarten wanted to be a teacher, a nurse or a singer. But I had not liked this ideas. It hasn t attracted me. Anyway I can t remember what I wanted to be in kindergarten. At the age of 14 I began to think about my future more seriously. Since I have read many books about law, both fact literature and novels, so I started to think about law faculty and I think about it till these days. That is why I have applied to the Law Faculty of Charles University. First I wanted to a judge. But now I think I could study a tax-law and I want to be a tax adviser.

I like also travelling and recognizing new countries. That is why I have also applied for travelling activity management school.

My parents share my opinion to be either lawyer or to have travelling bureau.

I would be very happy if I managed what I resolved.

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