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My town : Trenčín

J. Bystrický 

Trenčín is situated in a valley of  the Vah river surrounded by mountains Biele Karpaty, Strážovské vrchy and Považský Inovec.

Vah is the longest river of Slovakia. Its length is 378 km. The highest mountain of Považský Inovec is Inovec 1042 m high.

The Trenčín region is best know for its Roman inscription which dates back to the year 179 A.D, hewn to the castle rock at Trenčín by military officer Maximiamus.     

First written mention about Trenčín is dated back to 1069 year, 1111 and 1113. In Middle

Ages Trenčín gained very rapidly various privileges and rights. In 1324 the inhabitants had been freed from payment the toll all over the country, in 1380 they were given the right of producing the beer etc. (et cetera)

The Trenčín Castle is closely connected with the legendary personality of the Slovak

history – Matúš Čák, who, belonged to the mightiest and most feared of aristocrats in Slovakia and Hungary. To him belonged 32 castles in 12 counties.

From the 11th century Trenčín had been the county seat. In 1412 king Zigmund of Luxemburg raised Trenčín to free the royal town.

Trenčín Castle, one of the biggest in Central Europe, began to dilapidate slowly after the fire in 1790. Some turning in the general stagnation was brought about only by the opening of the Vah-valley railway in 1883. This event created some building activity, for example the construction of the Palacký Street and of the Hotel Tatra. Step by step Trenčín got further technical achievements – electricity in 1907, water mains in 1911 etc. 

Among the most historical monuments is the town tower on the Peace place. It is 32 meters high and it is remainder of  town fortifications. Hotel Tatra is the most beautiful and interesting building.  

On the Peace place is plaque column. Its most interesting monument is the Štúr place with well and the synagogue.

Trenčín has got much historical church, for example Evangelical church and parish church. On the Place of St. Ann is chapel of St. Ann.

Now live in Trenčín cca. 60 000 inhabitants. And Trenčín is important textile and food-stuffs industry center. In Trenčín is the University of Trenčín and a lot of high school.

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