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Everybody has some problem, but young people - especially the teenagers have the hugest quantity of problems, I think.
The teenagers know, what they want - they want to be the most beautiful, the most interesting and the best. If they reach, what they wanted to, then they're happy, kind, they're in high spirits and they're keep smiling. But if they don't reach, what they wanted to, they're out of humour and they don't know, what to do. Very often they look for something, what helps to forget, but only for a short time - an alcohol and drugs. But it isn't the best solution.
To my mind, the best solution of problems is consult someone about it. You can consult about it with some person, which tries to help you ( it can be your mum, dad, your friend, or someone, who has experience something similar).
But what to do, if you have not someone, who can help you with your problems? This is, for example, my problem.
I have a lot of friends, but my mum doesn't wish, that I go out with my friends. She affirms, that she is afraid about me. But when I go to my mum and I say her, that I need her help, because I have some problem, her reaction to it is, that everybody has some problem and she walks away.
My mum and I, we don't communicate one another very often, because my mother doesn't listen to me and she doesn't understand me, too, because there is a big generation gap between us. I think, that my mum should to behave as my mum, not as a stranger, which isn't interested in me, because he doesn't know me.
The parents are older than we - that's why they think, that they're more clever than we and they always are right. I think, that it isn't true; I think, that parents should listen to us and then, they can understand us. It looks as they think, that our problems aren't so serious as their problems. But they're wrong.
Sometimes our problems can be very serious, but while the parents find out, what is our trouble, it can be late...

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