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Reading books and my favourite writer

TV, video, computer games are supposed to becoming more
popular than books. Despite the increasing competition from
technological entertainments like these many people still buy
Adventage of watching TV is receiving of information without
our own activity. But this is also reason that we spend our
leasure time and we kill a development of ourselves. For this
reason I've been prefering reading books for the last 5 or 6
Books can be divided into several groups. Acording to from we
know novel, poem, play, fairytail, historical novel, love story,
short story, romance, sci-fi, thiller and accoding to style
poetry, drama and prose. But usually we divide books into fiction
(novels, poems, love stories ...) and non-fiction (encyclopedias,
books of travels, biography...).
The name of the book is called title anf the person who it
writes is author. Every book hat its subject (What is it about?),
setting (where and when does the story place?), characters (the
main characters and their description), events (What happens?)
and also ideas (Does author say anything important about
poeple/society? Has she/he got an important message for us?...).
As I said many poeple still buy books. And also lot of them use
public libraries or borrow them from individuals (if they have
not got them in their own familie's bookcase). Buying comes next.
In book-shops or in second-hand shops).
In Britain and America the publication of some book usually
follows a pattern. First comes the hard-back, expensive and
heavy-normally only bought by libralies or people with money to
spare. Then, a few months later, when the publisher has an idea
of the book's popularity, comes the ligher, cheaper and more
convement paperback, or , as the Americans say soft-back. Usually
paperbacks are about 30% of the price of hardbacks. If a book
is sold really well it is called a Bestseller.
I'm a student and I like books a bit more. I have found out that
they are really the best friends of man. They give me more than
some people. They tell me a lot of news about people, their lives
and their point of views. I can have a fantastic day just reading
a book.
I should say that my favourite writer doesn't exist. In many
books I can find interesting ideas, new values or just perfectly
discribed story. Books helped and also help me to understand our
life better.
I would like to speak about one writer who told me a lot of
about war in his book CATCH-22. It is an anti-war satire, was on
the list of bestsellers for years. Describing the life of
soldiers at an American airforce base, Heller reveals the stupidy
of bureaucratic war administration and its regulations. Catch-22
has been traslated into all European languages and made into a
successful film in 1970.

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