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- one of the most important relations between the people
- friend - willing, helpful, open, sincere
- tolerant, lojal, understanding, trust me
- responsible, reliable, always on my side, guide me
- share interests, keep secret
- it is dificult to define this word, because it is a personal
thing and it means something different for everyone
- "A friend in need is friend indeed"

- between man and woman, parents and children, brother and sister
- is deep and complicate feeling established by the sympathy
- is something more than friendship
- gives the aim/meaning to our life
man and woman - at first they selected their parents by the
- built/found/base the family
Family - the natural and fundamental group unit of society
- the main funktion/role of the family is reproduction and
upbringing of children
- in the past - male-dominated, now - their roles are
- gives - love, home, happiness, understanding, education,
food, guidance, advice, take care, maner, behaviour,
comunicate, socialised, develop all children abilities
- it is important for the children and their next life
between brother and sister
- there are a lot of fight
- lots of arguing- it is also kind of love
- we can said - like dog and cat


Generation gap
- the main problem in the family
- is originated when parents interfer too much, still control
their children also when they aren't children anymore
- luckilly I see this problem in our family only sometimes
- my parents trust me, believe in me, I am independent, and also I
make most of my decisions/resolutions alone, without their help
- the belief that some races are superior to others
- between black and white, gypsies ...
Religious fights
- in islam/muslim countries
Tolerance - respecting other's rights & freedoms, individual
- freedom of speech
- it's learning to listen, to communnicate with others
and understand others

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