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Sereď, established in 1333, is situated on Danubian`s lowland not far fromthe capital city of Slovakia .Sereď is situated on the right side of thelongest Slovak river Váh. It belongs to small towns. Sereď has about 20 000inhabitans. Sereď is belongs to the region of Galanta. Galanta`s regionis the component of Trnava`s country. Sereď is the one of the biggest citiesof Galanta`s region. There are some historical memories in Sereď: The church,The seat. There was the first railway of horses in Sereď. There was theconcentration camp during the second world war. There are only two places,where the people can go for a walk The park of a city, and the camping. Thereare a lot of boutiques, two markets. The biggest department store is Jednota.This city is the main cross-road of commercial ways. There are bus stationand railway station. Sereď is a industrial centre too. The biggest enterprisesare: Pečivárne, Kávoviny, ZIPP Sereď, Sereď`s meat industry. The most ofemployers of these factories are inhabitans .Nickel huta of SERED was thebiggest enterprise in this region, that is in this time out of order .Onlyheaps of dust and waste remained .There are only two discotheques for youngpeople, one in the cinema and one in the camp on shipboard .There are twocultural centres in Sereď . The cinema and the house of culture.

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