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Autor: Zdenka Střelecká

Sport is an activity. Sport helps you to keep fit and lose weight.

It is the  most popular hobby on the world.

The best thing on the sport is motion, you´re doing something for your health. Not in vain is speaking: „Sport to health.“

I don´t know what is the worst thing on the sport. For some people it is perspiration. But not for all people. For other people it is signal that they do something good for them.

They are a many kind of sport. For example  collective and individual sports, outdoors and indoors sports, winter and summer sports...........

We know also a group of exclusive sports which are practised as hobbies by limited number of people. For example: hot-air balloning.

For some people is sport a job. The dream of every sportsmen or sportswomen is get into a Olympic games. It is the most important thing in sport life. We know winter and summer Olympic games. At first they were held in ancient Greese. In that time people had to stop fighting. There must be only all-round developed man. It has called calocagathy. In 1980 Pierre de Coubertion had to establish new Olympic games. They held every four years. Now people all over the world delight to every start of Olympic games. Because there sportsmen and sportswomen are breaking theirs personal records. They are breaking themselves.

I do sport in my leisure time. For example cycling and volleyball. I don´t do it active. I like playing volleyball with my friends. Volleyball is a collective sport. It is playing indoors or outdoors. Indoors is playing a classic volleyball. Outdoors, precisely on the beach, is playing beach volleball. The playground is propably long    meters and wide propably  meters. Every of two teams has got for six players plus some substitutes.

The basis of this game is that you mustn´t hold ball, you must scamp ball with fingers or dredger. The point is wenn ball falls on the floor or when player don´t give ball well to other team. The maximum of points  by new rules is 25. But there must be two points difference. The winner is that team which has first 25 points. It is very intersting sport.

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