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We know a lot of kinds of transport. For example by plane, car, train, cycle, boat etc.

Each of them have some advantage. For example traveling by plane is faster then others, but on the second hand it's too expensive. When you want to travel by plane you can reserve a seat in advance. Interesting is how do plane landing. The plane must get permission from control tower, where is officer, who make sure if runway is clear. Then plane can land. After landing passengers get out the plane and go through custom where their passports are checked and their luggage is examined.

If you haven't enough money and you need to travel for a long distance you can use train. It isn't as fast as plane, it's slower but cheaper.

If you have a car you can travel by car. It's very exciting to drive especially for someone who likes fast driving. (But it can be dangerous.) Sometimes the driving come to the standstill and then you can be faster by cycle.

If you haven't own car you can use public transport. In large towns and cities you can use several kinds of it. For example you van use busses, trams, or underground (tube). If you want to travel by public lines you must have a ticket. There is a self-service in busses and trams. You take a ticket and punch it in slot machine.

At the roads you can see traffic signs. They are for drivers and pedestrians, which must obey it.

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