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A lot of things have changed since the people discovered a wheel.
I don't know who was that man but his invention was really
fantastic. People stopped walking for a long distances and also
stopped using horses, asses and other animals for riding.It was very
uncomfortable to sit in a horse saddle too long. When people
discovered a wheel, they started to use it only for carriages at
first. Then they discovered that they could travel also without
animals and they made a bicycle. It was very good mean of travelling
because it wasn't very expensive (not as expensive as a horse with
a carriage). It also was very easy to learn riding a bicycle. It was
very funny for young boys to make bike competitions.
After bike came train. It was also a great invention because
people needn't to do anything, just sit in the compartment and wait
till the train stop. But it had got also some disadvantages. People
couldn't stop wherever and whenever they wanted as it was possible
with a bicycle. They had to (and nowadays they also have to) wait
till the train reach the station. By bicycle they could get wherever
they want. A bicycle doesn't need special roads or rails as a train
does. By train people could get only some places in the town and
from there they had to walk to the place where they wanted to be.
And trains also weren't good for atmosphere because the first trains
were driven by steam and it polluted an air.
The people invented a car. First cars were small and very noisy.
But nowadays they are very comfortable, fast and also very quiet.
It's impossible (or at least very hard) to exist without a car.
Although some people haven't got a car, they can use buses or
taxies. But taxies are very expensive - better then still travel by
taxi is to buy own car. In some countries (I mean the U.S.A.) it's
very dangerous to travel by bus but in our country it's not
dangerous, only uncomfortable when the bus is full of people. In our
country the bus connection is used a lot. I think the most important
means of transport in our country are: cars, buses and then trains.
We have got also planes but they are used only for long distances
and it's very expensive so I think that a lot of people prefer
travelling by car or by bus even for a long distances to travelling
by plane. Of course, if they travel somewhere above the ocean or sea
they have to use plane. They could also use a ship but it's too slow
and nowadays not very popular, although it's very cheap.
Travelling by train has also many other advantages. There are no
stressful traffic jams and trains are fast and comfortable. You can
sut,read or just watch the country there.You can work or have a meal
in the buffet car.Travelling by train is still quite cheap because
they don't need any petrol. The current trains are also friendly
to the nature.
disadvantages - they are sometimes crowded and delay. People have
to travel at certain times. Many train are dirty and dangerous
especially at night.
Bike - advantages - bikes don't pollute the air, riding a bike is
good for health
disadvatages - slow, you can't ride it in every weather, you can't
relax, work or eat during the way, you can't go on highway,
nowadays, when the streets are crowded it's dangerous
Cars - advantages - symbols of freedom, wealth and masculinity, they
save time, we can travel when and where we want to
disadvantages-expensive-when you just want to take driving lessons,
pollute the air, dangerous (they cause a lot of accidents),
traffic jams, problems with parking, you can get stuck in a traffic
jam. Churchill described cars as the curse of the twentieth century
Planes - one of the greatest airport is London's Heathrow

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