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Describe  the  achievement  of  company    MATYŠÁK


Ďurinová Margita                                   dňa:15.05.2000 I.ročník

Describe the achievement of wine company „ MATYŠÁK

In wine there is ……

„A man and wine belong to each other for centuries.But only those can understand the language of wine who witness and live with the wine its birth, maturing, and death.The best of all will encounter wine in the heavenly wine yards of love.“   

Ľubo Zeman

One of the richest gifts of autumn is the wine grapes, out of which the noble drink is made – wine.It is a drink of poets, it gives wisdom, optimism and wit.It is said that the homee is Near Asia and Caucasus. It is thanks to the Roma legions that wine has made its way to Slovakia and Moravia regions. Ever since that time, wine has stepped on a winning path in this area.

Slovak wines from the Small Carpathian region have hundreds of years long tradition.One of the best wines here is the Matyšák wine, which is following the long year traditional wine making in Pezinok area. Wine yard owner and wine enthosiat Peter Matyšák has been producing top quality wines together with his family since 1990. Selected samples of his top years are riping in wooden barrels and later they are bottled to rest some more in special archive wine cellars.Here the wines gain its noble and unique bouquet and quality.

In the cellars  of Mr.Matyšák you can finnd 5 years of wine in 40 different kinds. They are all the representative be found in the Small Carpathian area.Some of them have been honoured at many domestic and international exhibitions.

Among the international exhibitions let us mention one that has taken place in Zahreb, where the MUŠKÁT OTTONEL has won bronze medal and CABERNET SAUVIGNON the silver one. In Spain , Muškát Ottonel and Ruland Grey, have won bronze medals in a strong competition.

 From the domestic exhibitions we can mention Vinofórum, Wine Fair, Muvina, at the which the wines of Mr.Matyšák won more than 20 golden and silver medals. In 1997 , the DOMINA brand won a prize for best red wine.

Apart from these kinds in Mr.Matyšáks wine cellar you can find some that are rarities at the Slovak wine market, e. g. Ryzling Black, Dornfelder – red wine, Cserszegy Fuszeres – mild white wine with spicy flavour, Kerner and the red Heroldrebe, wine which is a crossbreed of German Blue Portugal and blue Frankovka wine. There is also rose wine, the so called Klaret, which is made from blue wine grapes by pressing without pre – fermentation. We can but hope that such wines will soon enrich uor market. Mr.Matyšák preparing to take his wines over to the USA, too, to attend an exhibition which will be taking place in Boston.There is another chance to win a medal maybe.

The birth of quality wine drand takes hard work. „Making of quality wines is extremely demanding, especially with respect to the time that needs to be invested into maturing process and that is also why these wines belong to the most expensive wine classes, says Mr.Matyšák.“ But even the Slovak consumer has become mor edemanding and he wants exactly these fine brands. Interest in the top quality wines is on the rise and I think that so is the wine drinking culture in Slovakia. It is a promise for the future because we have and will have customers to sell these wines to not only abroad but also here at home.

We offer our wines mainly to gastronomy houses – hotels, restaurants, vineshops, to whom we offer a special discount price up to 25 per cent with large orders. Part of our customer service is also a special wine gift packages suitable for different important anniversaires, he adds.

Peter Matyšák, originally a gastronomy expert, used to be a hobby wine market and he started to make barrel wine, which has now become the decisive range of his total production.

Barrel wines as well as brand wines are currently on the offer in a cosy wine cellar in a well known wine making town Pezinok. Along with good wine there is a tasty food, which he prepars as an experienced gastronomist according to his own recipes. Despite the fact that the house has only been open for a short time, the customers come in numbers.

The autumn shines in colours and smells with the fallen leaves. Feel the unique atmosphere with a nice glass of the golden dew in Peter Matyšáks wine cellar. You will leave from here fresh with new strenght, why, you know what they say about wine. It liquidates trouble and gives joy and happiness in turn.

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