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Trenčin 13. February 2000

Peter Polakovič, Horný Šianec 11, 911 01 Trenčín, Slovakia

Telephone: +421 831  433187

The Manager Coleman and Stokes 33

South Parade Roston RS15BQ


Requisition about job as a cleaner. Here are my abilities:



In present: Gymnasium of Ľudovít Štúr, Trenčín (specialized for cleaning)


Work Experience:

Present Position: main cleaner of a student company Millennium


Other Skills:

                        Very good cleaning skills

                        Specialist for slops

                        Organization skills

                        Time management

                        Very good communication skills


Language skills:

                        English – fluently (with cleaning accent)

                        Russian - beginner



                        Cleaning economics


                          Literature about cleaning

I have all abilities for this job. This was documented in a Slovakia cleaning post and in a world cleaning magazines. I was two times The best cleaning manager in a Slovakia in the competition organized by Slovak cleaning union.

With many greetings

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